- It’s for whom

This course is designed for

  • Working professionals who want to change their technology into latest Big data.
  • Those who all willing to have complete hands-on of Big data technology.
  • Those who want to apply, Map and implement their current technology stack in Big data tools.
  • Fresher who want to start their career with Big data.
  • Students who want to learn Big data and prepare for future.

- How we are different

  • This Course covers each topic with Real Time industry case with relevant Data.
  • We practice Real time and Batch project and more than 60+ Assignments which is divided into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • Trainers are industry big data expert involve in Real Time implementation and migrations.
  • This is completely hands on training, which covers 90% Practical And 10% Theory.
  • It includes multinode Cloudera and HortonWorks installation class.
  • Cover all prerequisite like Java, SQL, which is required to learn Hadoop Developer and Analytical skills.
  • 3 Domain Based Project With Real Time Data.
  • 70 Assignments. 
  • All Real Time Scenarios.
  • Smart Class. 
  • Basic Java. 
  • Pig|Hive|Mapreduce|Nosql|Hbase|Zookeeper|Sqoop|Flume|Oozie|Yarn|Hue|Spark|Python 
  • 48 Hours Classroom Section.
  • 30 Hours of assignments.
  • 3 hours for One Project and 10 hours for 2 Projects.
  • At end Boost up session - we explore most demanding Analytics and Machine learning concept using R.
  • 350+ Interview Questions.

- Hadoop Certifications

  • Assist for Hadoop Exams Hortonworks and Cloudera certifications.
  • Exam Preparation: Free exam preparation session.

- Registration Process

  • No registration fee without experiencing our training quality.
  • Register with full payment and avail discount once you ensure its worth for you.
  • We have installment facility also.

- Placement

  • Crossed 100+ placements including Fresher.
  • 100+ up-skilled and working in Big data projects.

- Real time Project

We are Data Analytics organization, Training is one of our initiative. You will get chance to work on real time project and environment.

- FAQs

IT folks and Fresher who want to change or Build their profile in a most demanding technology by almost all clients in all domains because of below mentioned reasons-

  • Hadoop is open source (Cost saving / Cheaper).
  • Hadoop solves Big Data problem which is very difficult or impossible to solve using highly paid tools in market.
  • It can process Distributed data and no need to store entire data in centralized storage as it is there with other tools.
  • Now a days there is job cut in market in so many existing tools and technologies because clients are moving towards a cheaper and efficient solution in market named HADOOP.
  • There will be almost 4.4 million jobs in market on Hadoop by next year.

Please refer below mentioned links:–gartner-says.html

Yes. It is a big myth that if a guy doesn’t know Java then he can’t learn Hadoop. The truth is that Only Map Reduce framework needs Java except Map Reduce all other components are based on different terms like Hive is similar to SQL, HBase is similar to RDBMS and Pig is script based. Only MR requires Java but there are so many organizations who started hiring on specific skill set also like HBASE developer or Pig and Hive specific requirements. Knowing MapReduce also is just like to become all-rounder in Hadoop for any requirement.

Yes. Like other technology Big data implementation requires many profiles apart from Developer like Lead , Architect, Admin and Support. We will explain you role mapping fact and follow the relevant approach.

 No. Hadoop Administrator is first guy who gets involved from implementation prospective and very highly paid as well. Hadoop also requires NoSQL DBAs in their implementation. Development is only one profile.

- Training Syllabus

- Key Features

  • This training program contains multiple POCs /exercises/ assignments on each topics and two real time projects with problem statements and data sets.
  • This training will be conducted in workshop mode with full hands-on in class.